The Hastings Science & Technology Law Journal (“STLJ”) is a multidisciplinary journal created to enrich the discourse at the nexus of science, technology, and the law. Specifically, STLJ focuses on the exciting legal issues surrounding startups, intellectual property, data privacy, biotechnology, clean technology, and health policy, while exploring the implications of technological advances on traditional legal fields, such as contracts, antitrust, and tax.

Partnered with the Institute for Innovation Law, STLJ publishes twice a year. Recent articles have discussed the rise of three parent in vitro fertilization and its effect on parental rights, e-book price fixing litigation against major publishing companies, net neutrality and what it means for the future of the Internet, and copyright concerns surrounding “remix” music culture.

This year, STLJ co-hosted a symposium entitled, “Regulating the Disruption Economy: Tech Startups as Regulatory Reformers” featuring panelists from Airbnb, Pantera Capital, and Lyft. Additionally, STLJ regularly collaborates with on-campus organizations such as the Startup Legal Garage, Privacy Pathways Program, and the Hastings Intellectual Property Association.

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